Why Use Us

We think you will agree that our registry service is a cut above the rest. People are talking about Travel Registry and here’s why:

  • Your guests won't pay any fees! We don't charge your guests anything, ever;
  • We won't try to confuse you with our pricing – we have a completely free service (with NO ads!), or a flat fee premium service;
  • We are dedicated to providing you with a seamless, reliable registry experience;
  • We have worked hard to create a registry that is EASY TO USE - we've tried the others, some are really confusing!
  • Your money is secure. We don’t hold any funds, your guests pay money directly to you;
  • Your privacy is important. We allow you to password protect your registry;
  • Our average customer response time is under 2 hours;
  • Some registries out there are, well, ugly. We have consulted with our users to find out what look and feel WORKS for their guests!
  • Flexibility. You can book your travel with anyone you like, you are not tied to any specific travel providers;
  • Don't make your guests pay more than they want to! Some registries out there take a percentage of payments as a handling fee - this costs you and your guests money! We don't do this.

Want more information?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our service.