Travel activities in Fiji

Travel Registry is a honeymoon AND holiday registry service. That means we can build a travel registry for you - then your friends and family can contribute to your Fiji travel instead of buying gifts for your birthday, wedding, engagement or any other event you can think of! It's really easy to set up. Below are some ideas of activities in Fiji.

Beachfront dinner and cocktails for 2

Beachfront dinner and cocktails for 2 - What better way to spend an evening than sipping cocktails and enjoying delicious food in a beachside restaurant. Colourful beverages, fancy glasses and of course a tiny umbrella and swizzle stick.

Bula pass - Island hopper

Bula pass - Island hopper - With a Bula Pass in hand, the islands and resorts of the Yasawas are open for exploration as and when you please. These passes are designed for flexible transfers on-board the Yasawa Flyer giving you unlimited island hopping.

Parasailing in Fiji

Parasailing in Fiji - We'll see the sights from high above.

Poolside massage

Poolside massage - Relaxing will be our main focus in Fiji. What better way to relax that have someone knead out all the stress and strains.

Pure Fiji Shopping Adventure

Pure Fiji Shopping Adventure - Let loose at the Pure Fiji Store to buy some world renowned Pure Fiji beauty products.

Reef Hopping

Reef Hopping - Tour of the best snorkelling spots fronting the Nacula Passage; including the Qese reef which is breeding grounds for the local turtles, Qoloriki Reef and the Yamotuni Qade reef.


Snorkeling - Fiji has some of the best snorkeling the world has to offer. It is famous for it's colorful coral reefs and diverse species of fish. We'd like to take a day trip out to the reefs and experience this for ourselves.

Traditional Fijian Lovo

Traditional Fijian Lovo - Treat us to a traditional Fijian dinner called a 'Lovo'.