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Anne and Mark's Wanaka Wedding

We have recently purchased a 4.3 ha block of land around 15 minutes’ drive out of Wanaka. Around 1 ha of the section is covered in native Kanuka trees. It’s our goal over coming years to regenerate the remaining 3 ha of the land (or 33,000 square metres!)

If you’d like to help regenerate this part of Central Otago you can do so here.

You are welcome to come visit your Kanuka trees. We hope to start planting in late 2017.

Kanuka (Kunzea ericoides) or commonly called a ‘Tea Tree’ is a native New Zealand tree Kanuka grows into a tree of up to 15 metres tall with long strips of loose, papery bark and small leaves that feel silky when young. Clusters of small white flowers appear from September to February. Kanuka is common throughout lowland and mountain scrub and along forest margins in the North and South Islands, from sea level to 900 metres.

Just check the box next to any gifts you wish to purchase, then click the 'Purchase' button at the bottom of the page. All prices are in New Zealand dollars.

Questions? If you have any questions, please contact the event host.

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1 Kanuka tree
A Kanuka bush (Kunzea ericoides) grown to a height that will allow it to survive the harsh Central Otago environment. Kanuka is the mainstay of the bush on the site.

[996 left]
5 Kanuka trees
5 Kanuka Trees will cover a little over a square metre.

[997 left]
10 Kanuka trees
10 Kanuka Trees will cover approx. 4 square metres.

[996 left]
16 Kanuka trees
16 Kanuka Trees will cover approx 7 square metres.

[997 left]
20 Kanuka trees
20 Kanuka Trees will cover approx 9 square metres.

[993 left]
50 Kanuka trees
50 Kanuka Trees will cover approx 24 square metres.

[999 left]
100 Kanuka trees
100 Kanuka Trees will cover approx 50 square metres.

[999 left]