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Gavin and Larissa's European Get Away

Gavin and Larissa's European Get Away - Honeymoon registry Europe! Our home is already full of love, laughter and 'stuff'. So we have made this registry for those who who wish to honour us a with wedding gift. Each contribution will be put directly into our holiday savings, and used for our dream honeymoon in Europe!

Please don't feel obligated to contribute, or to put in massive amounts of money. Every little bit will be appreciated all the same, but not more than your presence on the big day.

We look forward to seeing you all, and will miss those of you who cannot make it.

Just check the box next to any gifts you wish to purchase, then click the 'Purchase' button at the bottom of the page. All prices are in New Zealand dollars.

Questions? If you have any questions, please contact the event host.

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Europe Honeymoon
Europe Honeymoon
This gift will help us get flights, book accommodation, buy food, and get around Europe on our honeymoon. We are so excited, and every little bit helps us get closer to our dream holiday.

You can contribute any amount to this gift.

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